Dave Smith Dharma

Dave Smith Dharma

Talks and meditation instructions from Dave Smith, Dharma Teacher, Mindfulness Trainer, Secular Humanist...recovering buddhist.
These talks and instructions are offered to you free of charge. If you are moved by generosity, and would like to support me in my livelihood, making a donation would be greatly appreciated. You can support the work I do here at this link and hit the DONATE TAB:

As a Dharma teacher, my primary focus of interest has been in early Buddhism. This being the oldest record of what the historic Buddha may have taught. These teachings have been well preserved in a body of text known as the Pali canon, which is the core focus of the Theravada tradition. Within this massive volume of work lies the message that has been left behind for all of us to explore for ourselves. The radical notion that everything that we need to overcome suffering in this lifetime is inside each one of us. The Buddha is said to have taught one thing, suffering and the end of suffering. Dharma practice is a system of living that requires meditative training, ethical and compassionate actions and behaviors, and a wise understanding of the limitations of the human condition. Whether teaching residential retreats, weekly classes, study series or working one-on-one with individuals I provide a Dharmic system that integrates four core components.

1). Mindfulness: the four foundations of mindfulness
2). Dependent origination: Buddhist psychology
3). The four noble truths: the process of awakening
4). Heart practice: the four brahma-viharas (kindness, compassion, appreciation, and equanimity)

Currently, I am pursuing these interests as a practitioner, teacher, mentor and writer. My intention is to continue to provide learning opportunities through online classes and retreats, working with individuals to strengthen their meditative practices and to provide an accurate and pragmatic framework for the Buddha’s Dharma. Please contact me if you are interested in working together in whatever capacity may serve you.

I hope to see you on the path.

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